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Custom Weight Loss Programs and Packages

Custom Weight Loss

Our experienced trainers offer support and guidance at very competitive rates. Highly-trained and certified our staff is here to help you reach your best personal health and fitness potential by grouping diet, cardio and weight training.


Athletic Development

Johnnie Morant is certified by ISSA, IFBB, Pro-Body Builder – he understands the human body at a microscopic level and how to develop specific muscles for peak performance. Meanwhile, his son Johnnie Morant Jr. is a retired professional athlete – having a career in both the NFL & CFL.

Personal Training

Discipline is defined as training to improve a skill; the skill we improve is fitness level – fitness is one of the few things in life you have complete control over; if you want to. It’s not easy, but it’s possible with the right motivation and knowledge.

Executive Fitness Trainer


Executive Fitness Trainer, Johnnie Morant has over 40 years of diet and fitness experience having trained with some of the worlds greatest body builders and being a championship body builder himself.
Morant’s training philosophy is based upon discipline and focus. These are the two keys to his long-standing career in the fitness arena that he now shares with his clients to become successfully fit–and has made him the proven champion he is.